Gaming on Android just keeps getting better. None more so than Rebuild, an app that takes tower defence to a whole new level and then adds zombies. Rebuild is simple straightforward app fun without the emphasis on over-the-top graphics or gameplay gimmicks. 

Quite clearly designed as an app you can pick at but one that also suits lengthy play sessions, what exactly is it that makes Rebuild worth a download?


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Rebuild is a turn-based strategy game in the loosest sense of the term. You start off setting up each game by helping fill in a letter which the lead character has written about the city, selecting things such as its size, your name, a companion and the difficulty. Then you are cast straight into the game after a very brief tutorial.

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The aim is to expand the walls of your zombie-proof(ish) fort and take back whatever city you have chosen. Things start off small with just a police station and an apartment block, but as you recruit more people to your cause the bigger and better your base will become.

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It's important to balance things out in terms of expansion and supplies, because if you run out of food everyone will begin to starve. You can fix this by building more farms within your fort's walls.

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It's all very SimCity really, except without quite so many flash animations. The game moves bizarrely at a slow pace despite being all about zombies. It is more a resource management app which proves extremely addictive almost instantly. Currently on sale at 69p, this is one worth downloading. 

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