We really can't imagine how Plague Inc. came about but it has to be one of the most twisted applications currently out on the App Store. The application asks you to design your own disease and then attempt to use it to wipe out the entire world. 

It does so in such a fiendishly addictive and fun way that you will find yourself frequently questioning your morality. This is an app that will leave you hoping to destroy the world, all in the name of a bit of fun. 

Plague Inc. 


Plague Inc. is very simple, at least initially. Using a bit of logic you choose a start point for your disease. From there it gradually evolves with your direction to become a worldwide epidemic. You control things such as symptoms and transmission to try to spread the illness as quick as you can around the globe before a cure is found.

It plays out very quickly at first as the disease will usually spread rapidly across central Africa. After that things soon get tough. You need to decide on stuff like how the the disease will be resistant to different medicines and what sort of climates it can resist. It becomes a very tactical match trying to wipe out the whole world as gradually things like ships and aircraft will stop functioning. 

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In the end you face a global effort to end your disease which adds a whole new element of strategy as you try and control its resistance in both poor and wealthy areas. Lots of strategy and lots of fun, entirely disturbing along the way. Oh and once you have your first virus done, then there are all other sorts of diseases to tackle. For 69p it's worth it.

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