You've gone to work, but forgotten that crucial presentation, which is sitting on your home computer waiting to have its day in the spotlight, unaware that it will never come. Well, panic not, because with Wyse PocketCloud Remote, you can simply "dial" in to your home computer, from your Android phone or tablet, and send the file as an attachment.

It works with Windows - via Remote Desktop - and on Mac and Linux machines that have a VNC-based server installed. It might sound like mumbo jumbo, but if you've ever needed to get files off a computer, or access one remotely, it can be a lifesaver.

Wyse PocketCloud Remote

Free (£9.99 for pro version)
Google Play

Of course, the biggest problem with an remote desktop app is that you need the target machine to be turned on. There are some technologically advanced ways of doing this, but it's a lot easier if you leave your machine on. We do this, because our desktop PC acts as a media server in the evenings and is in use as a business computer for most of the day.

What Wyse PocketCloud does is allow you to access any Windows Vista or 7 machine that has the RDP server available. The bad news is, this only applies to Windows 7 Ultimate and some of the business versions of the OS. If you don't have RDP built-in, then there are VNC servers available that work nearly as well.

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PocketCloud has been well-designed too. With other RDP apps we've tried it can be a very frustrating process getting the destination computer to do much. The keyboard is good enough, although on a phone, it fills the screen so much, seeing the desktop can be hard work.

Performance is brilliant over Wi-Fi, especially on the same network, but 3G speeds are tolerable and we've certainly had our computer do some pretty advanced stuff while we've been out and about on the road.

We love the custom navigation circle, which you can optionally turn on, because it allows you more accuracy than you'd normally get by stabbing at a touch screen, hoping to hit the right spot. It's much like using a traditional mouse and it's essential for making fine changes to important files, where you don't want to be ham-fisted.

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Although this app is free, the limitations are pretty reasonable. You can add only one computer, so additional connections will mean you need to download the original. It's not a big deal for most home users, and business users or IT managers will want the extra security the "pro" version affords.

PocketCloud Remote won't appeal to all, but for those who need an app to control their computer from afar, this is by far the best app we've used.