Sports. There's a lot of 'em. Most people follow just one or two but then there are the true sports aficionados who need to know everything from baseball, football and Formula One. This is what ScoreMobile's app is for. 

Or at least that is what it says it can do. A lot of applications promise more sporting gossip and stats than you can shake a stick at but not many deliver. Does ScoreMobile?




Once downloaded ScoreMobile will ask for your current location. Hand that over and you are pretty much ready to go. The app is very easy to use, operating on a sort of left-to-right swipe approach. Going right will take you forward a day to see fixtures; going left will show games in the past and the relevant scores. 

At the top of the app is a list of every sport it supports. We won't list them all here because there are just too many, but the big ones like the Premiership and Formula One are there, as are things such as the NFL and Ice hockey. 

app of the day scoremobile review iphone  image 1

On top of scores there are four other stats tabs you can pick: standings, news and settings. Most do what they say on the tin, but it's the extra bits of data that make the app worth the download. Say you like a particularly sports player, you can select them and have updates pushed out to your phone specifically related to them. 

The news list, while being just a sports-related RSS reader, offers all you would really want in terms of basic coverage of any sport. There is a lot to get stuck into here for an application that costs nothing. The ability to favourite entire teams also makes it a nice replacement for those looking at one of the more expensive football-related applications. Worth a download.

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