With so much going on in the app space, it's easy to overlook games. So today we look at something that's been around for a while, but it well worth playing if you haven't seen it before. 

It takes a slightly different approach to gaming, offering up a huge range of variety in a collection of mini games, all based around the same ominous character, the frog.




Tap the Frog takes a frog as the main character and then sets you a number of different mini games to challenge you. 

Most of what Tap the Frog is about is speed. Pop as many frogs as you can in the time limit, see how fast you can make the frog eat the flies, or see how fast you can get three frogs on the shelves. 

As the title suggests, it's often about tapping. Tapping the frog five times to make it change colour, tapping to throw snowballs at frogs.

It sounds, on paper, like it could be repetitive. But in reality it isn't. The games change so there is always variety and the games are over in a flash, so you barely have time to get bored. Before you've realised what you were doing, you're off to something else.

It's not just random tapping either. There are reaction games, tap the frog when it turns blue; and those that need more concentration, such as tapping the frog that matches the colour named; or maths puzzles.

Each level is awarded points and you win stars, levels unlocking as you proceed. Some of the games are so frustratingly simple, you'll find yourself going back to play them again and again because you're desperate for a proper score. 

There are loads of achievements to be had and integration with Game Center will let you see just how poor your performance really is and keep you coming back for more. 

Tap the Frog might not change your mobile gaming world, but to waste 5 minutes there is plenty of fun to be had.

Tap the Frog is free, but there is a newer version, Tap the Frog 2, which will set you back all of 69p and the iPad version, Tap the Frog 2 HD is £1.49.