A double-dip recession isn’t the best news the British public has had of late, but we can help you out with a silver lining here on App of the Day at Pocket-lint. Technology is on hand to stretch your pounds as far as they’ll go but, even if you’re just looking for a bargain for the sake of it, then today’s piece of mobile software is definitely one for you.

Basket Buddy


There’s already a dedicated Hot UK Deals app but what Basket Buddy adds is immediacy and convenience. The app works by tapping into the GPS module on your phone and overlaying a Google map with the information from the HUKD website. You then get an idea of whether there are any smoking bargains right on your doorstep.

The app works very smoothly indeed, with a nice clear UI pinpointing the shops you need to get to, where they are and a click-through to an in-app page detailing all the deals available at that location. While it might not be worth heading down to a certain store because of any one offer, what we did find useful was checking the app when we found ourselves in places like Tesco, Sainsbury’s and other supermarkets. Flip open the phone, fire up Basket Buddy and, whaddya know, there’s a 94p Loyd Grossman pasta sauce for next time all we can be bothered to do is heat up some spaghetti and open a jar.

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The downside, in a way, is that the map side of things is actually slightly irrelevant, well done though it is. Pretty much all of the deals that you’ll find nearby are in the big stores anyway, and you can bet your bottom bottom that there’s going to be something on offer in the one you happen to be standing in.

One of things that we really like about Basket Buddy, though, is the Submit section which allows you to post a hot deal tip to the forum from your phone. You can scan the barcode or take pictures of the product or just tap away on your touch keyboard on what you’ve just seen. All very easy.

So, given these tough economic times and given that Basket Buddy's free anyway, it's very, very hard to say no.

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