Some games come out of nowhere and grab you, shake you around and then vanish. While longevity in a gaming app is a great thing, we can't help but reminisce about those fleeting apps that bring a little moment of magic into a quiet evening.

Today's App of the Day might be one of those apps. How far can you go with this? Ultimately, things will get too obscure, too difficult and everyone will stop playing. So, before that happens, jump on the brandwagon while things are fresh.


The awkwardly named Logos Quiz Game could be overlooked because it doesn't really sell itself. Okay, the title is exactly what it is, but it doesn't sound hugely enticing.

But it's a very addictive game, offering you all the frustration of knowing something and, well, not really knowing it at the same time.

Logos Quiz Game presents you with company logos, with something missing, usually the name of the company. So you might have the Budweiser background with no letters, or part of the Samsung lettering missing. Sony, for example, is just the final "Y" of the logo. 

All you have to do is type in the name of the company and the app tells you if you've got it right. Points are awarded for accuracy in typing, so if you make mistakes you'll slowly drop down from your 100 per cent score. 

Logos Quiz Game review
Logos Quiz Game review


Logos Quiz Game review

The app is clever enough to recognise when you've nearly got it right. So put in "Chase Manhattan Bank" instead of simply "Chase" and the app will let you know you have some tweaking to do.

Some logos are instantly recognisable: Playboy or McDonald's for example. One glance and you know what they are. Some are fiendishly difficult. Some aren't current (the old HTC logo is used, for example), but it does ram home just how important a strong brand identity really is.

There are currently eight levels to play through, with more promised in the future. To progress, you need to reach a particular score to open things up and move on.

If you get stuck, there is a hints system. As you correctly complete the logos, you'll be awarded hints. With these hints you'll be able to get clues to keep things moving along, as well as being able to ask your friends on Facebook or Twitter if you're really stuck.

Logos Quiz Game review
Logos Quiz Game review


Logos Quiz Game review

Logos Quiz Game has all the components of a great game. It's addictive, it can be collaborative, and there is enough here to distract you for a good chunk of time. But it's interesting because it works with real logos, so you'll find yourself recognising things in the street and scrabbling to fill in the gaps in the game.

If we had one criticism, it's that the keyboard isn't especially good, throwing up more mistakes than the regular iOS keyboard. We can't help feeling that this is an effort to knock you off the top scores...

We're not sure this game will run for ever as we've already found some of the logos getting a little abstract, but it's certainly worth a play.