Max Payne is soon to arrive in its third iteration after a fairy lengthy gap between the once PC-only shooting series. Seen by many as the game that invented things like bullet time, it is a classic that brought many violent hours of enjoyment to the hardcore gaming crowd. 

As with GTA 3, Rockstar has chosen to release the game in mobile form. Max Payne Mobile is a full-bodied version of the original game with no content cut whatsoever. So how does it play?

Max Payne Mobile

iPad / iPhone

The full Max Payne download costs £1.99, fairly cheap for what is such a large amount of content. Graphically the game hasn't fared quite so well over the years, but it still plays just as brilliantly and the story is as fresh and as exciting as when we first played it through many years ago.

What's not so great are the controls. This isn't the developer's fault, as Max Payne is a game that requires very finely tuned control inputs by design. To try to fix this they have made it possible to move around different controls to customise them exactly to how you want them. It works partly because of the rather overeager auto aim now built into the game, but there were frequent moments when we were overwhelmed by enemies because of the controls. 

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Max Payne plays like a very speedy version of Gears of War. Lots of enemies on screen, a lot of bullets and the ability to dive in different directions while fighting. On top of this, you can slow down time by either standing still or diving. This makes it easier to hit enemies and is a must when using something like, say, the sniper rifle. 

The story is a fairly gory one: Max Payne has witnessed his wife and child murdered and is out for revenge. It doesn't get too much more complicated than that but definitely helps set out the basis for some fairly gruesome environments and set pieces. Think of it as a bit like Sin City. 

On the lower end iOS devices the title struggles with frame rate slightly. Our iPhone 4S and new gen iPad however chomped through the entire thing without issue. It never became a major problem but might be worth thinking about should you be a big fan and after the cleanest possible experience. 

Not long to wait now until Max Payne 3. Nice then that this game should act as a mobile refresher to the story. It certainly has us excited for the new title - we had forgotten how good the original was. 

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