Sometimes a text message just isn't enough. There are even moments when a picture just won't do. This is usually fixed by a quick Skype call or some FaceTime with a friend. But what if you can't get through to them?

There are a few options, a message in a bottle, actually go and meet them face to face or use Six3 to leave a video message. The last, from the time we have spent playing with the app, is probably the easiest.




Six3 is a very easy aplication to use. A rather painless signing up process and your email handed over and that's it, you can send video messages straight away. The only major hurdle you are going to encounter initially is a likely lack of contacts, as messages can be sent only to others who use the service. Fix this by sending a load of invites from your phonebook contacts, it will annoy friends in the short run, but will be handy in future.

Once you have people in your contacts list then you can start sending out messages. This can be done either straight from your iPhone, or on Mac or PC. It is a smooth process and actually become much more than just leaving messages, more a service on which you can share events of goings on with people quickly. Think of it like a personal private YouTube channel that can be sent to friends instantly.

We often found ourselves sending a message from the computer to a contact, only to follow it up with something more, shall we say wobbly, from a night out. 

At the moment Six3 is a free application, a rather impressive deal. It is also only on iOS devices, which does mean any Android using friends, of which there will be many, are exempted from the message laving fun.

If you fancy finding out a bit more about Six3, check out this handy video here.

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