Today's App of the Day on Pocket-lint is definitely on the casual side of Android gaming. It's a medium-to-large size download at 5.1MB, the graphics are perfectly acceptable, the game does not take long to get the hang of and, while we don't expect it to be on your phone forever, you will have fun while it is.

Zombie Dash

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There are only two things you can do in the game of Zombie Dash. You can jump and you can shoot and, seeing as it seems to pay to just hold down the shoot button, well, that makes it a kind of simple game, now, doesn't it?

There's supposedly some back story to Zombie Dash whereby your town has been trashed by hordes of nasty zombies, but it really makes no difference. You play a person with a shotgun and it's your job to blow the heads off the undead as you travel towards the right side of the screen while all the while the enemies come at you heading for the left side of the screen. You have no control at the pace at which you run and as the game goes on your step quickens - which makes the whole thing a touch harder. All you have to ensure a clear path is your weapon and the ability to jump.

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Naturally, you need to avoid pits, cross chasms, dodge gates of electricity and all sorts of other nasties, and, to help you do so, there's an array of power-ups from jetpacks to machine guns, firebombs and even a mech suit. All the while you run, a counter tots up the number of metres you've travelled and the idea is to get as far as you can.

You can take three hits per run before it's game over and a rather nice touch is a big, red, glitttering billboard that you get to pass when you break your record each time - something that becomes all too rare the more you play the game.

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All in all, it's a very good egg - particularly because it also happens to be free - but the only thing we couldn't figure out was the benefit of collecting the bunches of gold coins that hover suspended in the air. Do let us know if you crack that one.

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