The iPad and iPhone make quite a logical mixing platform for DJs, for two very simple reasons. First, they are extremely powerful yet very portable and second, because they can carry most of your music around with you.

The only real problems they have faced so far is that neither can interface particularly smoothly with proper DJ hardware and that a touch screen just doesn't quite cut it as a virtual turntable. The DJ Rig app hopes to change all that with proper beat matching, connectivity with other mixers, sampling and - when it is released - its own mixer; the iRig Mix. 

DJ Rig


All the usual necessities are there from the outset with this app, namely two decks, a cross fader and some easy to use volume controls. So on the most basic of levels, it has mixing two tracks together sorted. But then so does the Djay app, which has picked up a few rewards for its design and tech. DJ Rig goes one further however, incorporating a highly formidable track search engine. 

A bit like a built-in iTunes, you can look through every song you have on your iPhone or iPad and then select and load them to a deck. One piece of advice, though, for those who have thousands of songs on their devices: you want to put these things into playlists because the app will lag slightly, losing precious mixing time if you're doing any of this live. 

We are yet to be able to play with the application's additional iRig mixer but, given the responsiveness of each deck on the iPhone screen and the crossfader working quite well, we imagine it to be a nice bit of hardware. You can use multiple devices to mix between it, including one iPhone and one iPad or even say a Pioneer CDJ and an iPhone, the two interfacing properly, which is very impressive. 

On top of the normal mixing capabilities are several effects that can be bought in app. The basic version comes with free things like a filter and repeat function as well as EQ and customisable cues. If you add another £2.99 and pick up the pro bundle, then you get another six effects and seven additional sound banks to go with the app's built-in drum pads. Very clever stuff indeed and nice to see that those who just want a simple way to mix with their phones don't have to dish out for the full iRig experience. We say it's worth it, as with the pro bundle you basically have a mixing setup that would cost you thousands for five quid. 

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