When it comes to shopping online, eBay occupies an odd position. It's a community as much as a shopping mall, a place you can buy just about anything, be that from a real shop or someone's garage. 

But the internet would certainly be a duller place without the likes of eBay, because when you want to buy that obscure overflow valve for your shower, or a second-hand computer game, then eBay is there to help. So, today's App of the Day isn't new, but it is significant.




eBay first stepped into mobiles offering messages to remind you about auctions, with the option to increase your bid, which were soon replaced by emails and a mobile site. But given the choice, a dedicated app is where we'd like to be and eBay's app is feature-packed.

Signing in to your account will give you access to all that's going on. You can perform straight searches, as well as using the scanner to scan barcodes, as you can on the Amazon app.

This makes it quick and easy to search, although eBay's database obviously isn't as expansive as Amazon's as often it won't find the item through scanning. For example, it didn't find Gears of War 3, a fairly common video game, but did better with a Jamie Oliver cookbook.

ebay app

Aside from searching and exploring things you want to buy, the landing screen offers you shortcuts to saved searches, favourites and your messages, which are all pretty straightforward. 

Beyond that you have three main navigation buttons, for My eBay, browsing and selling.

My eBay pulls together everything you are doing on eBay: watching, buying, selling, it's all here, making it easy to see how your sales are going or keep an eye on the things you're bidding on.

Browsing will let you survey by categories, although we suspect most will choose to search. Within each item listing you can see images and all the important details, like price, location and how much time there is left for the auction to run. 

Of course you can also bid, watch and share items, as well as "sell one like this", which is a fast way to get your own goods on to eBay.


Selling will give you all the major categories to fill, pre-populating some when applicable. For example, if you use "sell one like this", you'll pick-up some of the details. If you scan an item to sell, you might get a whole load of information to get you started.

One of the key things you can do with the eBay app is draft a listing, which is really useful in a mobile app. It's a shame that these don't drafts can't be accessed by the eBay website, which would make it really easy to start a listing in one place and finish it in another.

There's a range of notifications available too, which you can customise. They're not all switched on by default, so it's worth exploring, as some you'll want and some you might not.

If you're an eBay user, or feel you could use eBay more, then it's well worth checking out the Android app. It's easy to use and there are plenty of features on offer, so it doesn't feel like you are missing out on a huge range of features.