There are plenty of soundboard apps on the app store and most offer a few minutes of enjoyment but not much more. We are a big fan of Hammer's productions, so when we saw this, an experiment seemed worth it. As it turns out, the Screamboard app is much more than just a collection of noises: it features samples, video clips, information on each film and even a way to buy the videos from Amazon within the app. 

Hammer Screamboard


The Hammer app is very simple to use; first up you want to go into a film. Included with the app is the Four Sided Triangle and the Quatermass Xperiment, which are free. If you want more sounds and clips, then you need to pay for either Dracula or The Curse of Frankenstein. 

Tap on a film and you can see the selection of sound clips available. These can then be added to the Screamboard - which, like a Garageband lite, allows you to mix clips together. It is very basic, but it's nice to make your own scary soundbites.

app of the day hammer screamboard review iphone image 1

Things get interesting when you hit film details. From there you can really start to explore each title. There is a synopsis or "more chilling content". The latter will show you filming locations on a map of the UK, these can then be tapped on to reveal more information about each scene. 

There is also a selection of clips for viewing, movie trivia, a gallery and the option to go and pick up your own merchandise. 

app of the day hammer screamboard review iphone image 2

At the moment there are only four titles to play with on the Hammer app. It would be nice to see more of Hammer's repertoire added but we can't say for sure what is coming and when. For fans of the series though, there is everything there. 

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