Today’s App of the Day on Pocket-lint is about music and the best kind at that - free music. We don’t know how long this app is going to be around and we’re not going to get too bothered thinking about it either. Just download, enjoy and when the time comes, well, the time comes.

4shared Music Downloads


“Is "Is this legal?” reads one of the comments on the Google Play Android app store under 4shared Music Downloads. So far, the answer seems to be yes. is a cloud locker, syncing and, yes, file-sharing service of sorts and this particular app - one of a few you can get for the site - has a focus on the music side of things, and it’s something that you can only get on Android.

It’s fairly basic in both its appearance and function. The idea is that it gives you cloud access to any of your music files stored up in the service. You can stream them to your Android phone or tablet or you can pull them down in full as MP3 downloads.

The trick is that much of what people choose to store in their 4shared space is public. So, in fact, anyone can search for it, stream it and, yes, even download it. The result is that you effectively have access to a pretty impressive music catalogue and for absolutely nothing at all. Perhaps the cheekiest part is that once you download someone else’s song it actually becomes part of your library in your locker space

You won’t find the most obscure of bands and there’s a certain amount of junk advertising banners to put up with, but the sheer convenience still makes 4shared Music Downloads and an absolute must.

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