Mass Effect 3 is almost here, and to go along side the launch iOS has got its very own Mass Effect-themed app. Called Mass Effect Infiltrator, it follows the story of a rogue Cereberus agent called Randall Ezno.

At $6.99 it certainly sits at the top of the app pricing spectrum and falls into the more premium of iOS gaming category. It looks good enough on paper, that's for sure,  But can the application come close to the console game? Or is it just a budget iOS spin off?

Mass Effect Infiltrator


So where to begin with Infiltrator? The opening cinematic is fairly spectacular in typical Mass Effect style. This then leads on to a simple yet highly addictive iOS shooter along the lines of the console game itself. Things have, of course, been massively simplified because of a lack of physical controls but there is still quite a lot to get stuck into.

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Your character, Ezno, as well as being able to blast his way through all sorts of conventional Mass Effect enemies, can also have parts of his skill tree upgraded. You can boost stuff like punch to make enemies fly into the air when you hit them, for example.

There is a basic cover mechanic which will automatically hug you to the environment, an up swipe causing you to jump over whatever is in your way. Aim is done by tapping on an enemy and the the reticule fine tuned using your right hand on the screen. It actually works really well and is one of the best ways we have seen shooting mechanics handled on a smartphone app. 

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Environments switch between the usual Mass Effect fare and there is plenty of variation in there to make the game addictive enough. More pick up and play than most iOS games, it looks great and will undoubtedly go down a hit with Mass Effect fans. 

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