The name of this app might sound rather misleading, as this game doesn't offer the same sort of frivolity as Fruit Ninja, which is literally just inane cutting and slicing. 

Instead we have something altogether more challenging, something that will give your grey matter a workout, as well as putting the accuracy of your screen-touching skills to the test. This app is really all about geometry.

Cut and Slice

Android Market

When talking about Cut and Slice we use the term "game" in the very loosest sense. The basic premise of Cut and Slice is to take your knife to a piece of card and use a particular number of cuts to produce a particular number of pieces.

The number of pieces you need to pass the level and the number of cuts at your disposal are displayed at the top of the screen. In addition, the pieces you produce should be of equal size, although that doesn't necessarily mean the same shape.

It sounds simple, but you soon get beyond straightforward cutting in half, or quarters. Because you need to try and get the segments the same size, your cutting needs to be precise, so this app works better on larger screens. We've played it on both tablet and smartphone and the size of a tablet definitely helps. 

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app of the day cut and slice review android  image 3

To cut, all you have to do is swipe your finger across the paper on the screen. It draws you a cut line which you can move around if you don't lift your finger off - meaning you can ensure you intersect an existing line perfectly and avoid getting little offcuts in the centre.

Each level has a "five star" solution and there are varying degrees of tolerance to your sloppy cutting. As such, you don't have to be spot on to progress, but if your performance is poor, you might find you don't have enough stars to unlock the episode. There are three episodes at present introducing new elements to add in some variety as you progress. 

If it's all getting too tough you can skip levels, or get hints, although these are limited in number and have to be earned. Occasionally you'll get a bubble with a text hint and these are worth reading as they often contain cryptic clues.

As many puzzle games are, Cut and Slice can be infuriating at times and the hints system certainly comes in handy to keep things moving. It's good harmless fun and an easy way to waste a few minutes of your day.

For puzzle fans this is definitely worth a look.