Evernote is not the only note taking service. If you’ve never got on with the green-look super-program that is, then today’s App of the Day on Pocket-lint is definitely worth a try. For a start, you can change the background to one of a huge variety of different non-green themes and, secondly, it’s a lot more social and a touch user-friendlier too.

So, if your life needs a little sorting out, you’re terrible at remembering things or you just want to bring all those little post-it notes of yours into the digital age, then the app you need to try out is...


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Springpad’s been around as a web service for quite a while but, if you are going to take to it fully, you’ll need to download a mobile version for your iOS or Android device as well. Fortunately, it’s free, so no excuses there.

The way it works is that you create notes to add to your profile. You can make them from scratch by typing them in yourself or you can get Springpad to look things up for you. So, for example, you might want to remember the name of a book or a film or a bottle of wine that tickled your fancy. Quickly put in a brief search term and Springpad will find it out there on the web in services like Amazon or Pricegrabber or even on the social networks if it’s a person that you’re seeking. Should it be a product, however, the service might also come up with a list of places to get it near you and just what it will cost.

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On top of that, you can create tasks that will alert you, sync Springpad with your Google Calendar, scan in from barcodes and there's even a section which ties in your Facebook and Twitter networks so that you can see the notes that your friends are saving too - so long as they've allowed that of course. Nothing on Springpad is open to the public unless you've set it to share.

The whole idea is that you've then got all your thoughts, inspirations and wished-for products and consumables in the same place just ready for you to act upon. All in all, lots to play with. Make sure to give it a full go before you decide whether it works for you.

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