WP7 is incredibly easy to use. So simple in fact that we often forget just what the OS is capable of, should you explore it properly. Currently WP7 is fairly barren in the app department but there are a few standout pieces of software which you should have on your phone, should it be a WP7 handset. 

A crucial piece of kit is the I'm a WP7! app. It builds on the already social experience offered by the OS, but makes it much more Windows Phone centric. The idea is that you can chat to other users of the same operating system, check out their gamer profiles, see who is nearby and do things like keep up to date with WP7 news and tips. Pretty impressive stuff for just one app. Read on to find out how it works. 




Opening up the app is as easy as anything on WP7. Expect the usual swiping fun between left and right, with even a bit of live tile action thrown in for good measure. It does require a fair old setup, but this is just to ensure that the profile you get created for you is tailored to your needs. Keeping information private for example, or putting a post code rather than an exact location, are all options. 

On the app home page is a set of live tiles which offer information on contacts and acquaintances as well as other things such as tips and tricks as well as news. The latter is particularly useful to those interested in the goings on in the WP7 sphere. Any exciting new apps will appear in that news feed as well as hardware related stories. 

The tips and tricks section is slightly different. It acts like a WP7 beginners bible on to how to operate the OS. It is definitely worth a read as there was quite a bit in there that we had missed.

WP7 noobs are those who have recently setup the app and there is even a world map function that shows you everyone using the application at once. You then simply click on them to interact. 

I'm a WP7 is a great little free app to get yourself started along the long and windy road of Windows Phone 7 apps. Easy to use and free to download, it comes highly recommended.