While YouTube might boast the bigger audience, there is no denying that the videos on Vimeo are, how shall we put this, more crafted.

Vimeo has released its Windows Phone 7 app, something that Google's YouTube has still failed to do, offering a host of features and ways to catch up with the latest videos on the service on the go, but is it better than the website? We get downloading and uploading to find out.


Windows Phone 7



Download the free app and you are instantly presented with a welcome page offering quick links to a host of goodies.

There is the facility to search the entire Vimeo catalogue, the ability to see "my videos", which videos you have ticked the "likes" button for, the ones you've opted to "watch later" and even "collections".

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Swipe to the right and there's featured content, letting you instantly enjoy recommendations either from the Vimeo team, or by the most-viewed content on the video site.

Swipe again and you have the chance to explore via Vimeo's numerous categories. Whether your interests are in Art, Comedy, Experimental [oh errr] or Sports the Vimeo app has you covered.

Each video has all the details you would expect to see, the ability to set to watch later and like, as well as the chance to read and make comments. You can also share videos via email, social, and SMS.

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Where the app gets a little more interesting than just another way to view the video site is that you are also able to upload video to Vimeo as well over 3G if you wish.

Opting to upload video fires up the camera's video functionality - although don't expect to get anything other than that. There are no focus controls, or effects, or the ability to upload videos you've previously captured - something of a missed opportunity.

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If you're a fan of Vimeo then this app will serve you well, allowing you to quickly catch up on the wealth of videos on the site in a handy-to-eat app format. We would have liked more control over the upload feature and of the video functionality when you come to actually capture something, but at least Vimeo has included 3G support.

The Vimeo app for Windows Phone 7 is available now in the Marketplace.