The original Reckless Racing was a straightforward piece of smartphone gaming addictiveness. Based loosely on Radical Racing, a retro classic, it is a top down racer with an emphasis on drifting and crashing. 

Reckless Racing 2 sees the series return to form in a much improved guise. In depth car customisation, loads of new tracks, improved graphics and an even better drifting setup, reckless racing 2 is one of our favourite gaming apps on the iPhone.

Reckless Racing 2

iOS, Android



Graphically RR2 is a bit of a stunner. It boasts big bold bright colours and car models which look nearly as good as that of Real Racing's. The top-down view also lets you get a good view of all the on screen action as you bash around the track. 

The game is a very simple one at its core. Just go forwards and back, drifting around corners as quickly as you can. You will find you pick up gold in most of the early races doing just the above. Later on however and you are going to need to go into all sorts of customisation in order to build a car quick enough to take the win. 

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This is where Reckless Racing really gets fun as the level of control you have over the car's driving is pretty extensive. The more you play, the better you get at nailing exactly how you want the thing to drive. By the end you will be zooming round tracks in one constant powerslide. 

At £2.99 the app is a tad more expensive than most, but it is worth the outlay for those who take mobile gaming seriously. Near Infinity Blade quality graphics and a good few hours worth of gameplay to get stuck into make it a worthy of a place on your phone's home screen. 

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