Sure, you've got a gallery app full of pictures on your mobile phone. Yes, you might even have the odd widget window on your desktop that connects to it too but, frankly, if you're not using today's App of the Day on your Android handset, you're not making the most of your snaps.

We know that live wallpaper is neither particularly exciting nor, for some, worthwhile spending your precious memory on but, trust good old Pocket-lint, today is the day we change your minds on that one. Meet...

PhotoWall Live Wallpaper

Step this way

Like most good apps, PhotoWall Live Wallpaper tells you pretty much what it does in the name. It's wallpaper - i.e. it covers the background of your desktop - it's live, so it moves, and it's called PhotoWall, so you can be pretty certain that this moving desktop background is, in fact, made of photographs of some kind. Simple enough.

The fun comes in, of course, because it's your photos that we're talking about and there's all sorts of different settings to choose from in terms of how you'd like them to appear. They can fade in and out, they can be a pile of overlapping Polaroids or a puzzle of pictures or a wall; you will need the 69p upgrade pack to unlock some of these though.

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PhotoWall will take photos from your gallery app, or even specific folders within it, but, given permission, it's also equally adept at rifling through either your Facebook or Picasa accounts as well. At some point, of course, you'll chance upon a picture that you don't remember or you'd like to take a look at in more detail, so all you do is click on it to open it up in its own right.

Yes, this app might hog a bit of your RAM but it's well, well worth it.

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