There was a time when the Internet was full of new and exciting things and you’d roam around, getting lost in websites, trying URLs, because you knew something was out there. There was a time when people used to talk about "surfing the net".

But the joy of discovery is too easily lost when you fall into that routine of search and find, with Google instantly churning out exactly what you're looking for, in many different formats. That's what we like about today's App of the Day. We like it, because it rekindles some of the joy of exploration that we've been missing.


Android Market

The Fancy app is the companion of the website, which is a way of sharing the exciting things you find and basically compiling a collection of things you like. Not necessarily things you'll ever buy, but things you probably would buy, or places you would go, if you had the time or money. It gives itself the lofty pitch of "curators of style" or some such.  

While the website will let you easily add things to the collections presented on Fancy, the app is more of place for voyeurs (although you can add through the app too). You can absentmindedly flick your way through designer furniture, stunning supercars, boutique gifts, curious holiday locations or just the plain obscure. Where else will you find a vampire slaying kit for example? 

One of the greatest things about Fancy is the quality of the images used on it. Everything looks fabulous and it makes the Fancy app a nice place to spend a little time - without the worry of plugging in URLs, search boxes or loading pages.

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But it isn't just about looking at pretty pictures. As we mentioned this is about creating a list of things you "fancy". You tap on a picture and it is added to your collection. You can comment on things, search and browse at your leisure as you get lead astray on a flight of fancy. You can also follow others and view their collections, so it becomes a sort of social experience, if you want to take it that far.

Each listing comes with a "where to buy this" option, which is a link to the source. In some cases you can buy it - and why wouldn’t you if it’s an interesting iPhone case - but in many circumstances, the things on Fancy are design concepts or projects that you'll never be able to buy. If nothing else, it's a great place to browse and buy unusual gifts for people.

It's this blend that makes Fancy appeal to us, because it's not about shopping, or gaming, or even being productive. It's just a pleasant way to while away a little of your day.

This doesn't have to be entirely self-indulgent experience either, as Fancy is all set up for sharing, so you can fire out those little discoveries on Facebook or Twitter to make sure everyone knows just how cool you are.