It's little over 11 days until the 46th Super Bowl kicks off in Indianapolis and we can be assured that there will be plenty of American football apps, games and supporting material that will more and more be brought to our attention as the minutes tick by.

One of those is the newly released NFL Flick Kicker by developer Full Fat, which is currently on offer on its respective app stores for 69p. However, it is its older sister title that has instantly captured our hearts of late...

NFL Flick Quarterback

iPad/iPhone/iPod touch/Android
iTunes (iPad), iTunes (iPhone/iPod touch), Android

Coming from the developer of a myriad of "Flick" games, including the superb Flick Golf pairing, Zombie Flick Flick Soccer and Deadball Specialist, NFL Flick Quarterback is the first title to use the official National Football League license (the other being the new NFL Flick Kicker) but still retains the qualities that make the former games so darn addictive.

Instead of hoofing a ball for once, the action this time centres on the eponymous quarterback, the lynchpin of any successful American football team. You still use swipes and flicks to send a ball aloft, but this time from the QB's capable throwing arm.

There are several games modes to play, although they start out locked and are subsequently made available through good play and "levelling up" by accruing decent scores. The first is a tutorial - easy peasy - but the others are progressively harder to master in any telling way.

One of the levels, "Playmaker", has you trying to hit a runner with the perfect pass each and every time. There are opponents out to intercept the ball, and as the level gets more tough, they rush to sack you. Other than that, your biggest enemy is actually the wind, as it gets stronger as you complete passes, until you have to throw the ball in a different direction than you would originally, in order to get it to the same spot.

The same goes with the next game mode, which is just a timed version of the last, while wind takes on even more importance in the last two modes, which ask you to throw the ball into a plastic bin from increasingly further distances, or in a bowling kind of way in order to knock them down.

All of the levels have a kind-of number of lives in which you can succeed - fail and you will strike them off until there's no more left and its game over.

The addiction lies in the game's simplicity and the nature of posting a score that you just absolutely have to beat until your finger goes numb. But the other element that stands NFL Flick Quarterback apart from other digit swiping rivals lies in its graphics. The stadiums are superbly rendered, and the whole affair is very slick indeed.

So, if you fancy a quick and easy hit before Super Bowl XLVI kicks off, there are few games we'd recommend more. Especially at 69p (99 cents).