The iPad is just as useful to kids as it is adults. As Apple proved recently with its iBooks 2 and education announcement, the tablet is a great learning platform. 

Most games however tend to adopt the slightly more adult approach to things. Sure an eight year old could get its head round the intricacies of Angry Birds but its not exactly geared towards young ones. There are a few exceptions, the likes of Peppa Pig spring to mind and now Sploosh, a physics based app that is all about moving water. 



£0.69 (iOS)


Sploosh is a very simple application. It requires little in terms of control other than a few taps to get started and then either accelerometer based tilting or two finger turning of the screens orientation. The idea is that you transport water around the screen and get it to fill up different plants. These will then sprout into smiley faced flowers and the process continues. 

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If you ever played LocoRoco on the PSP it is very similar, except for managing the water is slightly harder. You want to aim to touch every part of the level with water to get plants and grass to sprout. You can't run out of the liquid and the game is pretty easy if you use the two fingered control method. 

Switch to the accelerometer though and things become a lot more difficult. Like a sort of marble run app, the water physics are spot on, making tilting your way through each level entertaining enough. We just wish there was more to do as the basis is there for quite a clever physics based game not unlike Contra Jour. 

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This is well worth a download if you want to hand the tablet over to the kids on a long car journey. It will satisfy even the youngest of iPad aficionados and should be easy enough to avoid any tantrums. 

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