Created in 1939 by the British Ministry for Information, the Keep Calm and Carry On poster has reached global status and enjoys far more popularity than it ever did during war time.

The extensive use of the poster includes businesses in all shapes and sizes and there have also been a variety of parodies, with all kinds of variations on a theme, and it's this trend for tweaking the famous saying that inspires our App of the Day.

So get ready to pimp the famous poster as we take a look at the app version of...

Keep Calm and Carry On


There is, in truth, quite a few different versions of this particular app for precisely the same reason there are many versions of the now out-of-copyright poster. However, this version looks like a decent one if you take your Keep Calm customisation seriously as you can tweak a whole host of different aspect, therefore making the poster truly yours.

app of the day keep calm and carry on image 1

In our quick play with the app we created our own take on the poster and we found the UI very easy to get to grips with; there are also plenty of options to keep you happy.

The entire text can be tweaked or completely re-written and a pretty decent palette has been added so you can change both the background and lettering.

There are options to share across Twitter, Facebook and email or you can simply attach your design to your phone for use as a wallpaper and lockscreen.

If you fancy something really different you can use your iPhone's camera to take a picture, as we did, or keep the background plain. There's also the option to change the icon on the top, so you don't have to stick with the crown if you don't want to.

Fun and simple, it just about justifies the 69p asking price; however for the right person it'll be just the job.