The more prevalent the Android mobile operating system becomes, the more juicy a target its user base is to those looking to exploit the good will, open minds and loose behaviours of the public. It’s a numbers game. More people on Android means its more worthwhile writing all sorts of malicious bits and pieces to convince an unfortunate per centage to part with cash accidentally. As the users increase, so does the money that results from that fraction of the population.

Today in App of the Day on Pocket-lint, we’re hoping to get that figure down. So, if you don’t want to get conned or you're just looking to get rid of some messages popping up that you didn’t ask for, then this is the app to download.

Addons Detector


Addons Detector is a simple enough tool. Press a button and it will scan your phone by running through your list of downloaded apps and analysing what they are and are not entitled to do since you welcomed them across your handset’s threshold. The scan takes a few seconds and will then present you with a list of just about all of them. All you need to do next is filter them to see which one is doing what.

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You can filter according to those which include advertising, those that take analytics, those that feedback info from built-in developer tools, those that require licenses to run and those that are social games. By far and away the most useful category of all though, is under those that push notifications at you.

If you’ve started to pick up strange symbols in your notification bar bringing offers of competitions wins or bargains that are too good to be true, then it’s probably through these unwanted push services that you’ve been subscribed to courtesy of an app. With Addons Detector, you can find out exactly which of your apps is responsible and delete it.

Not a sexy app, not one you’ll use very much but one of the most important in your toolbox.

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