Crash, bang, wallop. All the Hollywood blockbusters have big explosions don't they, making your home movie efforts look a bit lacklustre. Not any more. there is now an app for sprucing them up.

J.J. Abrams, director extraordinaire, has ventured into the heady world of apps, but is the end result worth it or is it just a movie tie-in that tries to convince you that his latest movie is the best thing since sliced bread? 

We grab the new app to find out.

Action Movie FX




Made by Bad Robot Interactive, the free app called Action Movie FX lets you add some special effects to your movies at the press of a button giving you the chance to turn them into Hollywood blockbusters - well kinda. 

The free app gives you two special effects to start with and then allows you to add more with in app purchases priced at 69p.

To get you started you get a missile attack or car smash, with the option of buying a further four special affects as part of a two effects bundle (basically 69p extra per pack).

Those packs include Chopper down and Tornado, as well as, Air strike and Fire fight. As you might expect they are pretty much what they say they are. 

Back to what you get for free and the two effects are very easy to add to your recording.

The premise is that you film something with your iPhone's camera, at least 5 seconds, before moving to an editing page that allows you to position the exact timing of when said missile strike will hit. During the filming process you get an on screen marker showing you where the missile will hit, and the whole thing is very easy. Like incredibly easy. 

Once you've done your recording and then set your special effects timings there is a small amount of processing to be done before your video is ready.

app of the day action movie fx review iphone  image 7

Press play and whatever you filmed will be nuked or totalled with a car.

You can then share the video via Facebook, email, or merely save to the camera roll to do with as you will. Once done you are free to make more videos.

Overall the app is basic, but certainly good fun and well polished. We had great fun convincing older members of our family that we had totalled the cooker or blown up the dog.

We love the fact that you can export the end result meaning you'll have no excuse not to include those big explosions in all your home movies from now on. 

Boston the dog wasn't hurt in the filming of the accompanying video.