Today on App of the Day at Pocket-lint, we celebrate customisation on Android by championing the oft forgotten desktop accessory that is the widget. The widget, as many Android users will tell you, is what separates the heathens from the enlightened. In other words, you can’t get them on iOS, so you’d better make the most of them on Android otherwise you’ve not got much of a comeback when your mates whip out there iPhones down the pub.

With that in mind, here are the very finest set of widgets you can get on the Market. In fact, they’re so good that they called them this:

Beautiful Widgets

Why, here, of course

Beautiful widgets are on a 50 per cent winter sale special at the moment, so grab them while you can. We did, and although we’re certainly very pleased with them, “beautiful” might be pushing it a little far. Presumably, the marketing department over at LevelUp Studios didn’t think Nice Widgets would be as compelling.

Either way, what the app offers is, funnily enough, a selection of widgets for your desktop largely based around clocks and weather with the addition of little toggles for functions like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode and all that jazz. There are widgets to suit every size from one square up to the entire screen and you can even choose what source your widgets take the time and weather from as well as how regularly they call home.

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The Beautiful (Nice) part of things comes in because you can download lots and lots and lots and lots of different themes so that you can change the background, the typeface and even the tone of your widgets with all sorts of pretty, scary, futuristic or whatever skins you're after. The possibilities aren't actually endless but start scrolling through them and it'll begin to feel that way. 

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