Sometimes you want nothing more from an app than for it to occupy time. The joys of smartphones mean we can fill lengthy train journeys with incessant email checking, random web browsing or in our case, eradicating swathes of zombies. 

Age of Zombies Anniversary is just the right balance between mindless blasting and edge of seat fun. You play Barry Steakfried, a man bent on destroying zombies from history. Professor Brains has sent his undead back through time and you have no choice but to go back and put and end to their undead ways. The result is an app that spans different time periods, with changing music, zombies and weaponry. 


Age of Zombies works in a relatively straightforward manner, involving two finger on screen analogue stick control and not much else. You move Barry about on the screen using your left finger, the right aims where he fires. There is no messing about here as Barry continually keeps firing until you lift your fingers off the screen. 

At the top is an ever decreasing bar which shows how many more zombies are left to kill. This should decrease permanently provided you are playing the game properly. Zombies seem to come in waves, at times filling the entire screen. This is where grenades come in, they are powerful things in Age of Zombies and more than capable of destroying swathes of enemies.

As the game goes on new weapons will be dropped into the levels. Grabbing these up is important as they are time sensitive and will disappear after a short period. You need them as things like the shotgun and sub machine gun are capable or causing massive amounts of destruction. 

Time periods to travel through include things like the 1920s, complete with suit wearing zombies and pre-historic adventures, with undead cavemen. The app is simple, addictive, fun and looks great, particularly on a Retina Display thanks to the vivid colour scheme and good art direction.