Some of the apps you download you may well find to be completely useless, they promise the world only to be a total let down. This can be for a variety of reasons: poor user interface, sluggish loading times, a complete lack of any decent content.

And that's why we attempt to take the pain out of choosing the right one with our App of the Day slot, a place where you can get a clear indication of whether something is worth the download or not. In this instance we would certainly recommend taking a look at...


Windows Phone 7

This is a real gem of an offering which provides local searches for restaurants, events, cinema and a general business search. Its functions are all pretty self explanatory and it should prove very useful when in a strange place and you need to find something fast.

On booting up the app you'll be presented with a well laid out screen with options for the main groups above, local weather gives you a 4-day forecast; restaurants will bring up options to search by cuisine or proximity; whilst movies gives you theatres nearby, movies nearby, as well as genre - you can even get trailers and reviews of what it considers to be the top ten movies.

app of the day poynt review windows phone 7  image 2

The events tab is also excellent, giving you a full range of search options with venues, categories and performer search.

In use and everything seems really very snappy, we'd heard some reports of  there being a certain sluggishness to the app, but it has been out a little while so this looks as though it's been sorted out.

There are also a nice array of options available so you can tweak the settings to your liking. You can increase and decrease search radius depending on how far you're willing to travel, and there's also the option to change temperature and distance units into metric or imperial.

app of the day poynt review windows phone 7  image 1

However, a very decent touch is the addition of a live tile, which will display the weather even when you're not in the app, showing temperature and general weather conditions. This is a small addition but one that shows a bit of quality. There's also the option to share search results via the usual networks.

The UI doesn't wow in terms of looks, but if you want something that gets the job done this seems to be an excellent addition to the Marketplace and, indeed, your phone. Oh, and did we mention it's free?