Christmas is coming. We know this for several reasons, mainly because it is now getting bloody freezing, but also because our bellies are gradually preparing for a Christmas day uber food binge. Problem is, all too often our Chrimbo dinner is spoiled by our less than adept cooking skills.

This year is going to be different. With all this technology at hand we have no excuse but to create some culinary brilliance. At first we planned on building some sort of cooking robot out of what we learned from our years at Skynet building T-1000s. This we realised could be relatively dangerous. So instead we turned to apps, our iPad and the genius of Great British Chefs Feastive HD. 




Like the previous Great British Chefs app, this version works via Chef profiles, within which you find individual recipes unique to each. The idea is to not overload you with choice but more make it easier to navigate to and remember what exactly it is you like or dislike. 

You get a choice of 60 different recipes to choose from, ranging from everything from coconut snowballs to wild mushroom pie. These individual dishes can be found either by searching for chef, ingredients, course or even how difficult they are to cook.

Photographs are of course top notch. So much so that don't be disappointed if your attempts don't quite turn out the same, these guys are professionals after all. 

The real twist on this app and what makes it so unique, is the ability to control it with your voice. Think Siri but for cheffing, it stops sticky fingers getting blobs of Christmas pudding all over your iPad screen. You can also add notes to individual dishes, so you can add extra ingredients, or in our case, warn where you might go wrong.

Sure the app isn't going to turn you into Marcus Wareing overnight, but with a little bit of help from him and his cooking buddies, you might find this app turns Christmas eating around. We personally still haven't nailed any of it, but then we did once manage to set fire to Captain Birdseye's boat while cooking him fish fingers. Never again ... never again. 

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