Some iPhone games are so detailed, with such incredibly engrossing game-play, mesmerising graphics and gripping narratives that it's not surprising that handheld consoles are struggling. It's an age where smartphones are capable of powering blockbuster titles, often costing less than a pint of beer.

Today's App of the Day is nothing like that though – it's about as simple as it gets.....




But it's Flick Home Run's simplicity which is its brilliance. Taking inspiration from other flick-based and massively successful iOS titles, Infinity Pocket have managed to cram hours worth of gameplay into what is essentially a one directional game.

A game that requires no more control than a simple flick of the finger.

Sure, it's a baseball title but you won't see any pitchers, batters, fielders, diamonds or pretzels here. Heck, you won't even see a bat. What you will see, hurtling towards your side of the screen is any one of 12 random types of ball, each with their own unique movement, speed and trajectory.

It's your job to hit the – disguised until the last second – ball high into the sky. And hopefully over the bleaches and far into the car-park and neighbouring town.

Essentially, you get points for how far you can hit it but there are bonuses to collect along the way, such as by hitting the parked cars, or collecting floating stars between buildings.

You're in a constant battle with your energy bar, which drops every time you don't get a good hit. After 10 or so balls, you make the grade to the next step and the more steps you collect, the bigger your score is likely to be.

You make the promotion from minor to major after 15 steps and, with every game, your experience levels raise, allowing you to increase your skill and abilities.

It's certainly no Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in terms of depth and engagement, but then again that's not really a fair comparison to make. After all, we've not really had time to play MW3 what with all the hours we've been putting in on Flick Home Run.

Addictively brilliant - although the multi-player aspect is a bit naff.