Real Racing has long been the smartphone's answer to Gran Turismo. It has pushed the graphical prowess of whatever platform it has appeared on. Now it's the iPhone 4S's turn to get some Real Racing action, in the form of Real Racing 2 which underwent quite a significant update for the handset's launch. 

We very much like the idea of having a full blown racer sat in our pockets, particularly one complete with an array of licensed vehicles that we can upgrade. iPhone 4S owners need wait no longer for an app that justifies the power of their purchase, Real Racing 2 has arrived

Real Racing 2


Once you have the fairly meaty download that is Real Racing 2 sitting comfortably on your iPhone 4S home screen you are going to want to get yourself fired up and straight into the single player. You might notice almost immediately, from the detail in the car that you purchase, that this game is graphically a stunner. That first car by the way, go for the Volkswagen, it sets you up better for things later on.

Then it's straight into the racing which is quite simply well ... real. The iPhone 4S version benefits from an enhanced lighting engine and improved textures as well as the ability to run the game at 720p on a television via AirPlay. You can also go split screen against another three different players. 

app of the day real racing 2 review iphone image 1

You race against a different array of cars, initially small hot hatches but later on full blown supercars and racers. Control is done by the usual accelerometer input an a single screen tap to turn on the brake. You can switch things to a right side tap for accelerator and left for brake or if you prefer, go for full blown wheel sliding control. 

As the game goes on you get the ability to upgrade various aspects of your car, including things like suspension and the engine itself, for added speed or control. You will eventually gain access to a full 30 different race cars, interiors mapped and all. Then on top of that 15 different tracks to race on and 16 car races. 

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The last thing worth mentioning about Real Racing 2 is its online multiplayer, which takes place seamlessly within the app and consists of up to 16 players racing at once. Nothing like that exists on iOS and it is quite a thing to manage on just a smartphone.

All in all then, Real Racing 2 is the gaming app you want to download if you own an iPhone 4S, it plays great, looks great and the best bit about it, costs just £2.99

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