Physical and mental tests can often be an unpleasant experience, usually depending on whether you're confident that there's nothing wrong with you. And if we do have an inkling that something might be amiss then actually going to see a professional who can give you a diagnosis and fix what is wrong is  somehting all too easily put off 'till another day.

Eye tests are a case in point, many of us putting up with steady deterioration until we're struggling to make out even our nearest a dearest.

Even if living in such a haze is somehow comforting; the harsh realities of life not presenting themselves in such a sharp tone, it can begin to affect our day-to-day lives. Queue the Eye Check by Boots Opticians app...

Eye Check by Boots Opticians app

iPad / iPhone / iPod touch

The Boots Opticians app does indeed stress that it cannot replace a full on eye test, and indeed  you wouldn't expect it to as they wouldn't want to encourage you to miss out on having one of its experts take a butcher's.

The app is sectioned up into a variety of different tests each one focusing (pun intended) on a different aspect of your vision.

The tests are quick and easy to follow and following each test you'll get a pass or fail. At the end of the test you'll also get a couple of questions - ending in the rub: how long is it since you had your eyes tested? If it's more thatn two years it'll recommend you go down to your local Boots opticians and have them checked out.

Now cynics amongst  you will no doubt claim that this is simply a marketing exercise to separate you from your hard-earned cash, and you'd be right - it is. Especially, as even if you pass all eye tests with flying colours it'll still tell you to visit Boots if you answer one of the questions at the end wrong. A handy Boots finder will pop up to suggest stores.

Despite this, however, we can see this app being very useful in determining any issues which might go undiagnosed for months even years, and as it's free there's not really any excuse in giving it a go.