For many the N64 represents the pinnacle of console gaming. It was the first time serious 3D graphics and gaming were brought to the living room and had some of the best titles Nintendo ever produced.

Our fondest memories of the '64 as it was then known involve all night Goldeneye multiplayer sessions with friends, usually ending with either controllers being thrown at the wall, or quite serious fights breaking out.

We can now relive those memories, minus the smashing and brawling, using just a humble smartphone and the Bit64 app.

Android Market

The app itself is not exactly the most straightforward of Android setups, lacking a slick menu system or any sort of real interface at launch whatsoever. It is simple black screens and nothing more. You are going to want to get yourself straight into the settings menu and drop down the opacity of the on screen controller, if you plan on being able to see much on screen at all.

You might also want to give using the sensor as an analogue stick a go. It doesn't work hugely well with something like Goldeneye but give Mario Kart a try with it and it is like a whole new game. 

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Bit64 will play just about anything N64 and ROM related you can find. It also works extremely well on top-end handsets like the HTC Sensation or Samsung Galaxy SII. You might want to avoid trying this emulator out on the less powerful Android handsets as things can get fairly laggy.

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Once you have a ROM fired up Bit64 then overlays the N64 control scheme over the screen, analogue stick and all. It is surprisingly accurate and sensitive, working well even with platforming classics like Mario 64. 

Gaming on Android has never quite been able to match the iPhone but with this app and knowing we can fire up Conquers Bad Fur Day whenever we want, it just about beats it.

Update: Sadly it looks like Bit64 has had itself removed from the Android Market. Shame as we absolutely loved it. Here is our review just in case it makes its triumphant return. 

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