There are plenty of news and weather apps out there, but any outdoor enthusiast, fisherman, farmer or, indeed, anyone with children will tell you that it's hyper-locality and detail that counts. Sure the bloke or bird on the box at the end of the current affairs slot might give you, and everyone within 50 miles, a nice, big icon of a sun and a rain cloud to sit under, but that just doesn't tell you the whole story.

So, if you want specifics, if you want to know exactly what time it's safe to step outdoors, if you want to know whether or not to pack your mac, then this is the Android app for you.

UK Weather


Free/£2.50 per year

Android Market

The first thing to note is that UK Weather is tied into the Met Office data at its source, so there's one tick right there. As you might expect, it'll overlay a weather forecast of the present and coming conditions onto a simple but attractive graphic map of the UK or any of its more local regions. It'll break that down into mini-summaries of 3-hour intervals anywhere between now and up to 5 days in advance.

The fun comes in, however, because you can hit the settings button and switch from Weather into an assortment of other forecasts - Rainfall, Temperature, Wind, Cloud, Pressure and even UV as well. Very useful indeed. If you prefer, you can even put it into Radar mode to watch conditions change automatically.

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But the larks don't stop there. Rather than look at maps, you can instead drill right down into summaries with all the information from above as relevant to any one of hundreds of specific UK town and attraction locations. And, once you've decided where's important to you, you can add them in as favourites and even create individual widgets for them on your desktop.

The UK Weather app is completely free but, if you wish to rid your experience of those pesky ad banners, you'll have to stump up for the premium version, which is basically the same thing, and costs £2.50 per year for a subscription. If this is the kind of app you'll use on a daily basis, which we think you might, then you'll find it well worth the outlay.

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