E I E I E I O, up the Football League we go, when we get promotion, this is what we'll sing, we are [insert team name here], we are [insert team name here], [Insert best player here] is our king.

Ah, the Football League - don't you just love it?

We do, it's brilliant. When our (unnamed) team got relegated from the Premier League last year it felt like a right old kick in the knackers.

But this is where the real football is at. Where men are men and where loanees from Premier League clubs look like superstars. Or something like that. Winning 4-0 and 4-1 away sure beats getting stuffed 5-1 at home whatever you think...

The Official Football League Clubs’

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Android Market

With the rights to mobile Premier League highlights gobbled up by ESPN and available for free via its apps, you'd be forgiven for thinking that catching the goals from The Championship, League One and League Two would be available at no cost.

They're not though sadly, you'll have to cough up to see all the action on your mobile from Crawley Town and the gang.

This app offers all the highlights, plus player and manager interviews and exclusives for £1.49 a month, £7.49 for 6 months or £12.99 for a 12 months.

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Ian Ritchie, chairman of FL Interactive said: "Fans want to know every detail when it comes to their club. We have designed the Official Football League Clubs’ Android App for this very purpose, using the latest technology to help deliver quick access to rich and interactive content, tailored for their club. Now fans will never have to be separated from their team."

The good news is, that it's all personalised for your favourite team. Once you select your club you'll get official and exclusive news, a live match score centre, player profiles, fixtures, tables and scores.

You'll also be able to check what else is going on elsewhere in the Football League, so it's handy for keeping an eye on your second team too.

The bad news is, that not all clubs are available so if you're a fan of AFC Wimbledon, Aldershot Town, Leeds United, Middlesbrough, Portsmouth or West Ham United, don't bother downloading it.

It's available now,  and the app itself is free. If you want an ad-free experience with the video content then you'll have to cough up.