You wouldn't greet your girlfriend in person the same way that you greet your boss. If you do, well played sir - so long as she's hot.

So why treat everybody the same when it comes to voicemail?

Orange Vallée (an Orange led initiative for start-ups) doesn't think that you should and, as such, has today's App of the Day in the App Store, ready to take over your standard answer-phone service.

On Voicefeed

Free or £6.99 for extras

Like other personalised voicemail apps that we've featured on Pocket-lint before such as Hullo Mail, On Voicefeed lets you take the answer-phone setup a step further by pulling in a few extra features.

With On Voicefeed it's all about personalisation. You can record different messages that will play to different contacts if you're unavailable, meaning that you can be all mushy to your lady, and super professional for your colleagues.

Using a Google+ like approach to categorising your contacts, you create groups of people (family, friends, colleagues, etc.) and you can record different greetings for each set.

In the free version you'll get three personalised greetings and the app will save your messages for 30 days. Messages are presented in a visual voicemail style arrangement, so you can listen to them in the order that you want. You can also listen to the messages via the lifeisbetteron website as MP3 files.

app of the day on voicefeed review iphone  image 3

With the Premium setup (£6.99) you'll get an unlimited number of active customised greetings, unlimited storage duration of all your incoming voicemails and you can get MP3 copies of incoming voicemails sent directly to you via email.

Another distinguishing feature is that you can type greetings that will be spoken if you're unavailable. Handy if you're in a meeting and can't record a message. You can even link in your Twitter or Facebook accounts to see what the people leaving you messages are up to.

It's easy to enable and disable the On Voicefeed's takeover of your voicemail setup, so don't be worried if you want to give it a spin before committing fully.