Expenses are a pain in the bum. Just ask any MP, they'll tell you that.

But whilst today's App of the Day won't be any use for the people we trust to run the country (there's not much scope for expense fiddling, you see) it will be useful for anyone who has the regular chore which is filling in the expense form.


Free, but in-app purchases needed

The beauty with ExpenseMagic is that it turns what is a boring process into a simple one. You simply snap pictures of your receipts, tickets or anything else you want the boss to cough up for and it does the work for you.

Not by using image tracking tech like we've seen in apps like Evernote or Business Card Reader, but by having "trained bookkeepers" do all the work for you.

So you simply snap, upload the picture and they'll do the rest - they will even work out the VAT details for you. Your receipts get processed within a few hours.

app of the day expense magic review iphone  image 2

The app itself is free, and allows you to bring in other elements such as attaching a receipt to a diary event from your calendar, but for every 20 receipts you want processed, you'll need to cough up £2.99. You'll get 5 for free when you start.

If you're overseas on business the app will use the GPS function of your iPhone to see where you are and adjust the currency and you can even choose to have all your expenses put into one single claim form that can be automatically emailed to your employer once a month.

The latest version of the app has also introduced a reporting aspect to the equation. This gives you graphical breakdowns on where your expenses sit: food, travel, supplies, etc.

It's not the most fun app that we've featured for AOTD, but it is one of the most useful.