Language, as a rule, is dab-handy, allowing us to instigate all manner of different ideas and concepts that would otherwise remain a unexpressed trace in the human mind. There are many to choose from: Spanish, Chinese; the highly complex Tuyuca language.

However, one of the all time classics has got to be English; a veritable stalwart, it's stood the test of time and is as versatile as they come.

So for all those wishing to learn, we have a decent iOS app offering, which should get you up to speed on those all-important phrasal verbs.

Dynamic English Lesssons


Super-simple to use, this app brings a little bit of fun to the whole process of learning; rather than delving too deeply into the intricacies of the English language it aims to bring a run-down of some common phrasal verbs.

This focus on phrasal verbs should allow for their practical application in a variety of scenarios; something that is addressed in this app.

On loading up the Dynamite English Lessons, you're confronted with four sections at the bottom, including Settings, Dictionary, and the one we're interested in, Categories.

app of the day dynamic english lessons review iphone  image 3

These categories are split into sub-headings which include Leisure, Travel, Dating and the like. Tapping through will then start your process of learning, bringing up sentences with the verbal phrases missing; it's then your job to fill them in via two multiple choice scroll wheels at the bottom.

This works pretty well, and on answering you'll be greeted with a variety of sounds denoting whether you're correct or not. This can be turned off, thankfully, leaving you with a visual tick or cross on answering.

As some questions and word combinations bring about multiple valid answers, it suggests that reference to the images (shown alongside each sentence) is important. However, we found that it was not always obvious which valid answer was the correct one, and at times we found ourselves randomly going through the words when our first choice was deemed incorrect despite taking into account the image shown.

app of the day dynamic english lessons review iphone  image 2

Apart from this little annoyance, everything behaved as it should and we can see this, perhaps, being used as a home-based add-on to work done in the classroom.

As you complete more phrases from the various categories, phrases will be added to the dictionary section; so there's a real incentive to keep going. Complete them all, and you'll also be rewarded with an X Rated category - just how saucy it is remains to be seen.

All in all, a decent app that should allow for those starting the daunting task of learning English some real-world early success.