There have been many disciplines created through which humans have attempted to expand their minds, and searching out a greater understanding of the world around us can be a bewildering affair.

For many of us structured academic learning is a distant memory, but having clear explanations of up-to-date research from a wide variety of topics is still very popular - you just need to look at the crowds for the TED talks to see this.

And this is where our App Of The Day comes in, as not only will it give you the latest from TED, but also a host of other informative sites - all going some way to getting the grey matter firing - or specifically...


Neurons is a free app for Windows Phone 7; developed by Justin Angel, it aims to bring all that is high-brow and informative into one, hopefully, easily-digestible place.

app of the day neurons review wp7  image 2

We say hopefully, but in fact there is not the least bit of doubt as the Neurons app delivers a slick WP7-flavoured UI which does its job very well.

As its content, which not only includes the aforementioned TED, but also talks, interviews and clips from RSA, Fora.TV and Science dump, can obviously be found elsewhere on the web  it certainly earns it free status.

app of the day neurons review wp7  image 3

However, it certainly takes away the pain of finding the videos for yourself, and a particularly nice touch is that all videos can be shared with your online buddies via email, Facebook and Twitter. Just press and hold the video thumbnail and the options will be presented.

Excellent stuff.