With Android and iOS you have Google Reader. It’s the main point of call for reading your news feeds and Google supports it accordingly offering you a number of features within the app or online web app (iOS) to let you read your Google Reader feeds quickly and simply without little fuss.

Google doesn’t offer it’s Google Reader app for Windows Phone 7 and so you are left with an array of different RSS readers that either do or don’t offer Google Reader support.

Fuse wants to be your go to app for your Google Reader reading experience.

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Windows Phone 7

Opening the app for the first time gives you option to set up how you want Fuse to look. There are three very different designs to choose from Ribbon, Ipsum, and Square and all are very different in style and approach. Personally we prefer the default option – Ribbon.

Once you’ve chosen (don’t worry you can change at a later date) you are then presented with a handful of default feeds to get you started so you can see what you are getting. Of course those feeds are unlikely to impress and a quick flick of the settings button lets you go about customising and making the app your own.

You can subscribe to new feeds either by typing in the rss feed or by selecting feeds you’ve already got from your Google Reader account once linked. You can then have those feeds on their own or curated by folders.  

Google Reader support means you can either add a whole folder (that you’ve already created) as a feed, or opt for individual feeds.  Holding down a folder within the Google Reader setup panel lets you create the same groups within Fuse.

Once you’ve setup the app to give you the feeds that you want how you want them you’re ready to start reading.

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Depending on which theme you’ve opted for will depend on how the feeds are presented, but all three ways give you a list of the unread articles allowing you to see the new stories as they come in.

Clicking on a story header gives you the story from the feed and depending on whether the publication gives you in that feed will depend on what you get to see.

Either way you’ll be zip over to the article on the website in question, or share it via Facebook, Twitter, email, instapaper, read it later, or share using a QR code.

Sadly you can’t just swipe left or right to see the next story, however you can pull up a sliding list of the feed you’re in to see what other stories there are and whizz over to what you want to read next that way. Once you’ve read an item, rather than disappear that item’s coloured frame changes or in the Ispum the first letter changes colour. It's so subtle that we didn't spot it at first. 

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It’s really the only frustrating thing about the app and it would be much nicer if once you had read the feed the feed disappeared, or at least the stories you have read vanished from sight. It's easy to see in the not picture focused Ipsum theme, but Ribbon or Square aren't so clear. There is "unread" markers but they need to be clearer. 

Overall Fuse is a really nice Google Reader with plenty going for it.