Our Friday App of the Day offering is something you'll either love or hate, as it features a good dose of football-related gaming goal action.

Saying that, it's quite possible that a number of non-football fans will enjoy it as well as it's arguably the best incarnation of that, now firm, iPhone game favourite of flicking a virtual ball into a virtual net.

Flick Soccer


We featured Flick Football sometime ago on App of the Day, and we have to say we thought it rather ace, however we're going to have to give Flick Soccer the edge as, coming to the field later, it enjoys better graphics and a wide variety of game modes which should keep you going for some time.

The premise, as ever, is to use your finger to strike the ball into the net from a variety of distances, and with various obstacles in the way. The skill level is spot on with, what feels like, highly responsive ball mechanics. Curving the ball is no problem at all, and there's even after touch if you want a real banana.

app of the day flick soccer review iphone  image 2

The game modes mentioned include Quickshot mode, Endurance, Challenge, Crossbar mode and Smash It - all of which bring something a little bit different to the table, or rather pitch, and accessible even when time is short; Endurance probably takes the most time if you want a decent score.

The developers, Full Fat, have done a grand job with Flick Soccer and needless to say it features full Game Center leaderboards and achievements. So if you want a quality pick-up-and-play title, flick no further.