Drumming on a table, for some, could be construed as a rather bad habit and something to be avoided in polite society - much like picking your nose... and eating it.

However, like eating your own bogies, practitioners of table tapping clearly garner much pleasure from the habit; so it is with this in mind that we take a look at TableDrum - the 21st century Audio Augmented Reality app.



First things first - this app is jolly good fun and it also works, for the most part. At this very moment this reviewer has an iPhone, running the app, tucked in beside the trackpad of his computer; with pretty good accuracy the app is mirroring each and every stroke. Each bash of the keyboard is resulting in a resounding thump of a virtual drum, bringing a little bit of fun to the app-review work scenario.

To use TableDrum, you'll need a few implements and a variety of surfaces to bash said implements against. In our tests we used a pen on a cereal bowl and our fingers on the table itself - one sound resulting in a drum beat, the other a cymbal crash. This worked pretty well and we managed to cobble together a decent beat which TableDrum followed precisely. However, when we upped a gear and rattled out some quick-fire beats the cymbal in particular struggled to keep up and started to miss some of our taps.

app of the day tabledrum review ios  image 2

This is forgivable as the app is clearly designed with fun in mind rather than the serious musician, and if we're being nice (which Pocket-lint clearly is) we'd say a bit more experimentation may have yielded more accurate results.

Of more concern was the necessity to use headphones, as clanging on various surfaces masked the sounds coming from the iPhone (our pen on cereal bowl being a case in point). The makers do say that for best results use headphones, but we can't help feel that would-be tappers may want to share their expertise, something which headphones don't lend themselves well to.

Initially you're given the classic drum kit to play with, and this can be added to with Ethno/Jazz and Electro/Glitch kits for 69p a go.

Nevertheless, TableDrum remains a very decent effort at its currently discounted 69p price and is well worth a download, however when/if it reverts to its original price it may not represent such good value.