P-e-p-p-a P-i-g. If you’ve got young kids then chances aren’t you’ve just sung the first two words of this article and now have the tune from the kids cartoon about a pig and her family in your head for the rest of the day. Sorry about that. 

As with all kids TV shows there is the accompanying toys and now it seems no TV show is complete without the accompanying app. 

In steps Peppas Party an iPad app that lets you enjoy the excitement of going to a party with Peppa and her friends. Is it any good? We downloaded the app gave it and then gave it to a three-year-old to find out. 

Peppa Pig's Party Time

iOS 4.2 or later

Load up the app and you get the familiar theme tune, the graphics as used in the cartoons and even the right voices (very important). 

app of the day peppa pig s party time review ios  image 4

Once you’ve created a profile (up to three) you can then get choosing one of the six mini games or just look at a photo album of the party (more on that in a bit). 

The mini games can be accessed in any order, however they do make more sense in order. First up is creating the invites, then you’ve got to make up the party bags, before making the cake. After you’ve got those ready, you can then start playing games like musical chairs, pass the parcel, and finally smash the piñata. 

Everything is fairly straightforward with the narrator of the cartoons walking you through each stage. On both the invites and bags levels you get decorate each one with pre-drawn images like flowers or bugs from the show, however you aren’t given any pen options to actually draw yourself. 

app of the day peppa pig s party time review ios  image 12

The cake making game is great fun, and our test subject - three year old William - really had fun scarily knowing exactly what to press and when. 

The three party games are multiplayer with support up to four players at the same time all bashing the screen at the same time (they get a corner each). Even when you are out, the game carries on, something that we thought would annoy Wills, however he still enjoyed watching the action play out.  

All the characters from the TV show are here and you can play any of the eight from the show:  Suzi Sheep, Danny the Dog, Pedro the Pony, George Pig, Rebecca Rabbit and so forth. 

app of the day peppa pig s party time review ios  image 8

As you play, the game is secretly snapping your performance and you can then create a photo album at the end of your favourite moments from those that have been snapped. Sadly you don’t ever get the chance to snap your own favourite moments, but again that didn’t seem to trouble our three year old. 

Once you’ve whizzed through the mini games you are done and the only real grumble is that the app is over very quickly. Still you can always just opt to replay the games over and over again something that is sure to ensure you lose your iPad to your children more than you probably want.