We've featured plenty of camera apps in App of the Day and we've even put together fully-fledged camera app round-ups for the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7. We've covered everything from an app that renders your subject in lego bricks, to retro favourite Hipstamatic and even an app for adding ghostly images to your snaps - we've pretty much seen it all. Or so we thought, until this nifty little gem was brought to our attention.

The Warhol: D.I.Y. POP (iPhone)

iOS 4.2 or later

This arty app enables you to create your very own digital silkscreen print, just like pop artist Andy Warhol's famous works featuring stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and er, Chairman Mao.

app of the day the warhol d i y pop iphone  image 2

Using a snap from your built-in camera, or an existing image from your library, you can make your own Warhol-style creation by following the in-app instructions and cropping and painting the image accordingly. Along the way you can view images and videos to get the inside track on Warhol and his techniques.

app of the day the warhol d i y pop iphone  image 3

It was Warhol himself who once quipped: "In the future, everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes". And thanks to this new app, you can go one better and get your own 15 days of fame simply by entering your chosen digital print into a competition via Facebook or Twitter, as the winning images will be displayed in The Andy Warhol museum in Pittsburgh (for 15 days each).

app of the day the warhol d i y pop iphone  image 4

There's also an iPad version on offer, while the the iPhone app can also be used on the iPod touch, as long as you're rocking iOS 4.2 or later.