Fish on a Friday. That's what the priest who used to come to Pocket-lint's school used to preach. Well, that and some stuff about a nice carpenter called Jason.

But fish needn't mean a bit of ropey old battered cod from the local chippie, it could mean Jamie Oliver's fish stew and bruschetta, which is available through today's App of the Day...

Jamie's Recipes for iPad


Free - Recipe packs cost though

Firstly, the good news - you can use this app without ever seeing Jamie on screen at all (apart from a brief introduction). Whaddya mean that isn't good news?

We're only joking, we love Jamie. And where we're from in Essex, everybody sounds like that. 'Onest they do darlin', lovely jubbly, pukka.

Whatever your opinion on Mr Oliver, there's no denying that the man can cook. And he also makes it look pretty easy - hence his massive popularity. And he has now brought his unique way of cooking to the iPad following the success of his iPhone app.

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Jamie's Recipes for iPad is a free app, where you'll get a welcome pack of dishes for free (each with step by step instructions) as well as a few tutorial videos on using knives properly and the like (to cut vegetables, not people).

There's also a load of premium packs you can buy, each containing around 10 recipes and one or two vids. These packs are in-app purchases and, until 14 August, are at a cut price 69p - they're usually £1.49.

The app is really easy to use, with nice big pictures and clear instructions meaning that it would be a doddle to use when placed on the kitchen counter whilst you cook up a storm. Just don't spill anything on your Apple baby.

"I’m so proud of all the people who tell me that their lives have been made easier thanks to my apps." said Jamie, before breaking into tears.

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"By taking out the guesswork and making everything really clear, we’ve been able to introduce a whole new audience to cooking. With this app I wanted to take it to the next level - it’s not only easy, it’s great fun too."

Jamie's Recipes is out now, and is free.