Everyone loves Cut The Rope, it is one of the two classic addictive iPhone games that you can whip out and play when coming home on the tube. 

However, completists and addicts rapidly found their CTR experience coming to an end after what was in fact quite a short application. Thankfully the game has now returned, in the form of Cut The Rope: Experiments, bringing with it all the application based fun necessary in the first, plus some juicy new added features.

Cut the Rope: Experiments


Like the original Cut The Rope game, this involves getting as many sweets as possible into the mouth of your Om Nom. Rope cutting is of course also central to the premise of the application, though there are now plenty more special items that are thrown into the mix to make feeding your Om Nom harder.

Things like the rope gun and suction cup holder now mean you can take more direct control over the path of your sweet. This doesn't, however, mean things are any easier than they were. In fact all this new controllery makes the game a little bit tougher, which we definitely like.

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The retina display graphics are a nice touch, as too is the colour scheme and commentary from the professor as you go about your sweet-munching antics. 

Game Centre integration means all the usual social niceties, which is crucial to Cut The Rope: Experiments for those who want that clean 3 star rating. There is a sort of secret selection of photos left in each level pack as well, which players can track down and share.

All in all the new Cut The Rope feels a lot like the last, but we can't help get ourselves addicted. Like Angry Birds, the formula is just so spot on that you want to keep coming back and play more.

Cut The Rope: Experiments is now live on iTunes and available to download. For 69p there isn't a much more addictive application we could recommend. Especially for those who are running out of levels on the original. 

Fan of Cut The Rope? or do you know better?