First up, this app is not some sort of immature rubber-based condom game in the guise of iFart and chums. This is a useful piece of technology designed to point out exactly where the nearest condom dispenser is when you need it. 

MTV's Staying Alive, a global youth HIV awareness program, has joined forces with the app in order to push youngsters to log the locations of nearby condom machines, to encourage safer sex. 

The application relies on user info to keep you posted on condom machine details, like if it is a shop that stays open 24 hours or if it doesn't work.

Currently the strongest maps exist in Paris and the United States, we, however, dwell in the much more glamorous north end of London and as such had to test things out nearby.




Once you have iCondom all downloaded and up and running it is a bit like Foursquare really. The application will ask for your location immediately and then point you to the nearest shops or dispensers. Good really, as it means minimum faffing, likely a bad thing when you are ahem...doing stuff.

app of the day icondom review iphone  image 2

The four options at the bottom of the app will lead you to various condom-based factoids. Start will either pop open the map when you tap find nearest or allow you to add a new shop or dispenser you have discovered. 

The idea is that all things are crowd sourced, so the more accurate and detailed the information the better. Amazingly given the application is not advertised has having a major presence in the UK, we found plenty of shops to go on nearby. There was however little commenting. Perhaps embarrassment? Who knows.

The list view simply changes things to a broader approach and allows you to head further afield in case somewhere has perhaps sold out. 

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There isn't very much else that can be said about iCondom other than it works and has a good intent. The application makes what could be a potentially embarrassing moment quick and easy to solve, whilst encouraging young people to be a bit more careful. Not bad really. Just needs an Android app, not all teenagers can afford iPhones you know!