There's one thing that ties every single person on the planet together. Not love. Not a shared passion for collecting celebrity pre-masticated chewing gum. Nor a universal loathing of The Jeremy Kyle Show. Nope, the one thing that we all share is food.

We all need food. We all enjoy food. And some of us like it so much that we bathe in it, happy to sit there gleefully rubbing refried beans into our nipp.... Er... Ahem.

But there are some that are far better with food than most, so much so that they are rewarded little stars for excellence. And we don't mean the staff of McDonalds...

Great British Chefs - Recipes HD

iPad (iPhone version also available)

Great British Chefs is a collective organisation that "celebrates and champions the best chefs across Britain", and by that it means the promotion of a collection of top restaurateurs and foodsmiths who have be awarded coveted Michelin stars. And Great British Chefs - Recipes is the brand's first application (with the HD suffix for iPad, without for iPhone).

It offers a collection of 180 top class recipes from some of the finest creative chefs working in Britain today, including Bohemia's Shaun Rankin, The Berkley's Marcus Wareing, and Restaurant Tom Aikens' Tom Aikens, and presents them in a glorious and simple to understand fashion.

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The navigation is superb. You can find recipes in their own section, via one of the chefs' profiles, through a listed ingredient, or even listed per course. You can also see several entire suggested course-by-course menus from each chef, which you could make for a dinner party, for example. You really are only limited by your own cooking skills and time.

Thankfully, for the latter, as well as in-depth instructions, pictures (of the final dish, beautifully shot), and ingredients, each recipe also details the time it is expected to prepare. If nothing else, this gives you a lot more respect for the food that is served in a quality establishment, as sometimes hours and hours can be used up to make one small plate of posh nosh.

Like many other recipe apps, Great British Chefs - Recipes also gives you the opportunity to click on ingredients to add them to a shopping list. And you can write your own notes on the instructions. However, as each dish is presented for you in intricate detail, it's unlikely you'll want to.

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As well as their menus, each chef is presented with a profile, both written and on video, through which you can also find out more about their respective restaurants. Bookings phone numbers, addresses and websites are also listed for each. And the app even has a list of available cookbooks featuring the chefs, should you feel the need to explore further.

In short, it's expansive but not intimidating. Jam packed with content (if not jam).

Certainly, we'll be trying some of the recipes ourselves, to see if our own culinary talents can match the undoubted quality of the Great British Chefs.

Then, quite literally, the proof will be in the pudding...